Backup and disaster recovery services


What is your data really worth?

Most businesses are aware of how important it is to protect company data. Data breaches can cost companies millions and reputation, so it’s vital that you take every precaution you can to keep your data secure. Whilst cyber-attacks and data breaches are a big concern, loss of data due to system failures and natural disasters is also a risk.

The best way to eliminate the risk of data loss is to back it up. Traditionally, data has been backed up by using physical hardware, such as external hard drives, USB sticks etc. Increasingly though, businesses are opting to use managed, cloud-based backup services thanks to the numerous benefits they provide.

Benefits of a Managed Backup


Access to your data

Need easy access to your stored data, for whatever reason, then having it backed up in the cloud means you can access it quickly and easily.

disaster recovery

A high level of security

All cloud backup providers will make security a top priority. They will ensure your data is completely safe by putting strenuous security measures in place to protect their data centres.


Cost saving potentials

This is mostly the main reason that businesses opt for a managed solution. Cutting down IT expenditure is one of the biggest priorities that business owners have.

Combine with your IT Support Plan

Your IT support should help increase productivity, improve customer experience and drive revenue. With Flexible modules its easy to add additional services to your current plan.



Minimal disruption in a disaster

With a secure managed service for SMB’s your IT team can focus on other parts of your business instead of worrying about the security of your data.

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