Keep you data proctected with managed endpoint protection


Endpoint protection, specially designed for business networks small and large. Managed endpoint protection allows you to focus on your business, not your system security.

Endpoint Antivirus provides state-of-the-art proactive malware defence without the slowdowns, false positives, and other issues that impact end-users and keep your IT staff tied up. Our technicians can oversee security across your entire network from our office location using remote administration utility. They can also customise a whole host of settings to ensure that your security is working precisely as you need it to.


Making sure all of your systems are patched with the latest software updates can be a time consuming task, taking your staff away from other important tasks. As part of the managed endpoint service you get patch management of your endpoints. We will ensure your devices always up to date with the latest updates and security features. Updates are always scheduled out of hours so we do not slow your systems down while you work.

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Always have a Backup & Disaster Recovery plan in place

Viruses and cyber threats are constantly evolving, anti-virus solution on their own can never be 100% effective. You should always have a effective backup and disaster recovery plan in place to minimise the risk of data loss.

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Powerful real-time cloud defence. Dynamic threat defence assesses threats as you receive them and provides another layer of security. Networks are exposed to hundreds of unknown files everyday, these files can come from outside and be dangerous. The file scanning tool can identify new, previously unknown threats by analysing each file before it’s ever accessible to the endpoint user. Once the file is certified secure, the system will notify other endpoints on the network so they can instantly access the file if received too.