Returning to the office and how to stay safe

Returning to the office and how to stay safe

For most office-based workers, an end to remote working may seem a while away, but it’s important to start planning now. Without a vaccine in the immediate future, we will be returning to a ‘new normal’. As such, businesses and employees should be prepared to adapt offices and working practices, making health and safety a priority.

We are by no means experts on the COVID-19 pandemic and suggest closely following Government advice on returning to office-based work. You can find the official Government advice, here.

However, we have condensed this information to make it more digestible for those that are planning the return to the office. Take a look at our infographic and key points below for more information.

Does your business have the best IT set-up for success?

Does your business have the best IT set-up for success?

An effective IT set-up will facilitate productivity, efficiency, security and success. Getting the right IT setup is vital, now more than ever. With most people still working from home, you need to be confident that your IT support partner has provided you with the right tools and technology to work effectively. In fact, many predict that working from anywhere will become increasingly common for a lot of businesses. With that in mind, it’s crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of your IT set-up now.

An effective IT set-up involves a multi-layered approach, offering different tools and technologies to cover all bases when it comes to productivity, efficiency and security. Ensure that your IT strategy adds as much value as possible to your business and don’t overlook any potential technological solutions!

We’ve outlined some extremely useful and valuable technology that you may not be aware of or that you may have overlooked previously, including:

  1. Same sign-on
  2. Self-service password reset
  3. Multi-factor authentication
  4. Cyber security awareness training
  5. Secure file share and sync
How your employees can compromise business security in 2020

How your employees can compromise business security in 2020

This year, a record number of employees have been working remotely and flexible working practices are set to stay, with many predicting that working from anywhere will become the new normal.

Whilst working from anywhere improves employee satisfaction and reduces rental costs, businesses need to consider the significantly increased risk to cyber security that comes with working outside of the office.

In fact, whether you’re working from outside or inside the office, your employees can often be the biggest risk to business security. As such, you need to be aware of these risks and know how to protect your business from them.

We’ve listed the ten most common business security risks that we’ve found employees to be guilty of. Read on to learn how to identify these threats and adopt the correct solutions to stamp them out!